Mellow Yellow

Following from my blog last week about the new colour trends, I wanted to look a bit more into Radiant Yellow as a colour to use in the home.  It’s not a colour that is used very much ‘yet’ but as it is now forecast as a new colour trend for 2013 – 2014, I thought it would be fun to see what ideas are out there and how it can be used ‘tastefully’.

Yellow is perceived in general as a happy and uplifting colour, but too much can be overbearing.  It is the lightest and brightest colour on the colour wheel, and can even be perceived at times by blind people.  In different cultures it can mean many different things and this could influence the way you use it too.  For example in Japan it means Courage and Nobility.  In Islam it means Wisdom and for Hindus it is a sacred colour.  For the Chinese it represents Honor and Royalty, and for the Native Americans it is the symbol of unconditional love!

Here are some ideas I found that I loved with yellow.  Remember though, less is more, especially with such a powerful and strong colour.  So keep it toned down with lots of neutrals.

I love how the yellow carpet anchors the whole room.  Just one big item to make a statement.


A white office space is spruced up with this yellow office chair.


Even a child’s nursery looks amazing with just one small chair and a piece of art.


How about just putting in one big piece of art?  That makes a statement, and can easily be changed into another colour if you fancy a change!

Art work

It’s easy in the bedroom too, in this case with some contemporary graphic sheets and a couple of accessories.


A couple of yellow armchairs and some cushions look great in this grey living room full of family souvenirs.  Yellow and grey is a great combination.Living room

Yellow stimulates the brain, so here is a clever way to incorporate it into your office, by painting the backs of the shelves in yellow.  Very subtle.modern-home-office RS

Another way to display it in an artful way is by using some graphic wallpaper and framing it like a big painting.  Cheap and easy!

Wall paper decor

Black, white and grey, with a splash of yellow on the couch.  That really pops!

Yellow armchairs

A little bit of yellow on the ceiling in this kitchen with some yellow towels.  Different!Yellow ceiling

Another black and white and yellow combo that works well, and again with a statement piece of art.Yellow chair and art


~ by Gabrielle Col on February 25, 2013.

9 Responses to “Mellow Yellow”

  1. My room has a very dark blue carpet. I reckon something yellow would be excellent. I’ll send you a photograph if I find something suitable. Also fancy adding some of the wallpaper you previously posted on one or all of the full height, well spaced cupboard doors. Love T

  2. You forgot to mention how a yellow car or two spruces up a dull garage! 🙂

  3. Love the framed wallpaper idea.

  4. I have nominated your blog for the Inspiring Blog Award. Go you!! You can read about it here Keep up the good work!

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