Stepping out of the Box

New Google HQ in London

When I was studying to become an Interior Designer back in California many, many moons ago, one of the key phrases that stuck in my mind from all those years of studying were ‘to step out of the box’ in all our ideas and designs.  I really think that the Penson Group have clearly and brilliantly stepped out of their box (and this could be an understatement!) when you see what they have done to Google’s new HQ in Covent Garden, London.  With their cutting edge design they have converted almost 15,000 Square meters into something quite amazing.  The idea was to get away from the traditional office look, to get Google employees to be more motivated and creative by creating a vibrant workspace.  What do you think?

All photos: PENSON/Rex Features


The Reception Area with giant Union Jacks and S-Shaped seating


One of the Board Rooms with ‘old fashioned’ flowery wall-paper and big comfortable seats.


My favourite space there, the ‘Lala Library’ with a big white semi-circular couch, strewn with a multitude of colourful pillows, and surrounded by tall bookshelves full of artistic and inspirational books.  I can just see me there!


A space they have named ‘Granny’s Flat’ due to the chintz chairs and retro looking lampshades.


This space is called the ‘Velourmptious Snug’, where you can gather to talk in a relaxed environment, which is deliberately similar to that of a pub environment!


Another board room.  Feels more like a bedroom!


Even the exterior on the 9th Floor has been designed with the employees welfare in mind as there are allotments here that the employees can sign up to have, to encourage their ‘Green Fingery’!  There is a waiting list for these.


And finally and I think one of my favourites!  We are told over and over to recycle everything, to preserve our environment.  Well why not recycle an old jet fighter’s ejector seat??  Strategically placed for a great view. (Maybe I could have put this in my James Bond article last week!!)


~ by Gabrielle Col on November 28, 2012.

9 Responses to “Stepping out of the Box”

  1. I love it!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. Amazing! I also have to say it also looks very English – amazing for the EU headquarters of an American company. Now – if they would just turn to the Paris offices which are still covered in the aweful primary/secondary colors of the google logo. I would HATE working there!

  3. Especially like the group of lampshades on the ceiling. Funky offices!

  4. I like how the white-boards hung on the wall seem more like tea-trays, rather than traditional white-boards.

    Also, the last picture … that ejection seat of a chopper looks more like one of those chairs they use in the basement of Psychiatric hospitals, isn’t it? (as seen in scary Holywood movies, hehe 😛 )

  5. I would love to step into any of these offices! They are incredible. I could get really creative in an environment like this.

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