Hibernating in my bedroom!

It’s that time of year when I want to start getting my bedroom ‘winter’ ready for me to hibernate like a big fuzzy bear.  I want to make it look and feel more cosy and welcoming because I will be spending more time in there than usual.  At the weekends instead of getting up with the daylight as I would in the summer, I just want to curl up and rest even longer in my little haven to read all my lovely books and just relax!  So how do I do this?  It’s easy, with added layers, blankets, quilts, and flannel.  Here are some ideas to inspire you:


Bedroom designed by the great Kelly Hoppen. She never gets it wrong!  I love the simplicity of this bedroom, but what makes it look so inviting are the choice of warm colours, but especially the use of that amazing luscious velvet throw, that ripples all the way down to the floor around the entire bed.  It’s a visual delight and makes you want to run and jump right into that bed!


This room has warm colours, but to make it more wintery, big snowflakes have been added to the oval mirrors, and the addition of several warm faux fur blankets add warmth and visual comfort to this cosy little nest.


For a more casual look a big knitted afghan has been thrown on the bed which is texturally very appealing.


For a crisper look, the sheets and walls are white, the lighting is cristal, but the throw is thick and velvety.


~ by Gabrielle Col on November 26, 2012.

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