For you Mr. Bond

The latest James Bond movie, Skyfall, has recently been hailed as the biggest grossing Bond movie of all time.  Being a big Bond fan I thought I would like to take the liberty to celebrate this fact, by offering my interior design services to Mr Bond (there isn’t a Mrs Bond as yet, so why not?)  by selecting some innovative pieces of furniture that have just been released, that I think he would find indispensable to have in his home.  Pieces that reflect his lifestyle and good taste and also a little bit of gadget in there too!


Rosa Poltrona chair with Acoustics

A comfortable armchair to retire into after a busy day chasing bad guys is a Top Spy necessity.   I particularly thought that the Rosa – Poltrona chair with Acoustics, designed by Studio KMJ with its original design and concept, would be appealing.   Its physical design was inspired from a rose.  (Very romantic Mr Bond when you are entertaining the ladies)!  Its curvaceous form makes you feel sheltered, and keeps noise out with its audio absorbent foam, depending which way you turn it.   It is the ideal place to sit for some quiet time to read a book, or listen to music.  It can also swivel 360 ̊.  Mr Bond, I think you will be very comfortable!



Fragments and Mist Lamps

AAN-UIT have just launched these 2 new models, with a particularity that could please any spy.  Both the lamps transform when they are turned on.  When the lights are off, the print inside the shades are invisible, but once the light is switched on, then a colourful pattern in the shade emerges.  Maybe a subtle way of writing some cryptic messages for you Mr Bond, or maybe I should talk about these to Q?



Bubble fireplace designed for  Planika by Serge Atallah

Finally, how about a romantic cozy fire to snuggle up to with one of your ladies Mr Bond?  And you can move it from room to room.  It is a beautiful piece of furniture that is cylindrical and has a white glossy finish.  Very chic!  It creates a warm atmosphere in any room and can dazzle anyone by its originality.  Just press the button, and you are set to go.


We hope Mr Bond that we have been able to show you an array of very original items for your interior, and that this time we have ‘stirred’ your emotions, and not ‘shaken’ them too much by their originality and eccentricity.


Thank you for your time Mr Bond.  Yours truly,


~ by Gabrielle Col on November 12, 2012.

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