Black is Back!

I love colour, so naturally I am drawn to black!  Technically black is not a colour but a neutral. Psychologically it creates a protective barrier as it absorbs light and energy which can create a cocoon effect.   I love using this colour on walls because it is so sexy, glamorous and sophisticated, and daring!  It is not the expected colour of choice, as many people are scared of it thinking it might make a room look too dark or oppressive, but I disagree.  When walking into a room with black walls, it will without any doubt create the ‘wow’ factor  that a room with just white walls will never give.

The room below is using the classic duo of black with white.  This is timeless as can be witnessed by Coco Chanel’s choice in using this combination for her Chanel No 5 bottle of perfume that was launched in 1921, and has never been changed since.


This example shows how you can use black walls with black furniture and dark wood floors, but with a sprinkle of colour like this lime green to give it some punch but any colour works with black as it’s a neutral!


Here again we have a lot of black with the walls and the chairs, but it is mixed with natural elements such as the big wood table and the green plants, which gives it a softer look.


Again lots of white elements with the cornices,  that help break up the walls and the ceilings. It is also softened with the curved edges of the furniture, the beautiful round table and couch.  The armchairs have soft contours too and add a splash of colour with their turquoise velour seats.  The magic touch that can add sophistication, is adding a crystal chandelier, as the glass adds light and reflects it around the room and gives it that extra sparkle.


Black is not so ‘scary’ after all!  Be bold, be daring, be sexy and be original!


~ by Gabrielle Col on November 8, 2012.

2 Responses to “Black is Back!”

  1. I agree totally and the gorgeous pictures prove the truth of it. I think black is sexy and sophisticated.

  2. I am glad you agree. I think people are quite afraid to try this colour, but it really can look amazing if done right.

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